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Free Swinging Hook with 180° of Movement

Legendary fisherman Roland Martin teamed up with MegaStrike Inc. to

revive the Roland Martin Big Bass Spinnerbait. This spinnerbait was

designed to catch and hold up against trophy-sized fish. Using new and

improved technology, the new Roland Martin Big Bass Spinnerbait is

stronger and better than ever!


This new version features an articulating/swiveling head that moves 180

degrees for better hook up ratios and less lost fish. It also features a much

heavier wire for increased vibration and durability. In this wire is also twist

line tie to keep your line where it's supposed to be. Combine this with larger,

high quality blades and stronger swivels and you have a bait capable of catching

and withstanding a beating from large fish.

Double Willow

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Double Colorado

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