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Evo II Jigs

    The Evo II Jig is the second generation Evolution Jig which features a smaller profile.

Our new advanced "skirt forward" technology along with our virtually invisible

flourocarbon weedguard is what makes this jig stand apart from the competition.

The Evo II jig features our patent pending, hydrodynamically balanced head

design which keeps the jig and hook standing straight up, allowing

you the ability to catch more fish. The features allow our jig to

respond to even the slightest movement of the rod. The "skirt

forward" technology causes the skirt to flare like no other, but also

works to conceal all components of this very unique jig design, making

the EVO II jig the most natural looking jig ever.

Heavy Cover Model

Finesse Model

Click a bait to view Size options.

Click a bait to view Size options.

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