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The 5” MegaStick - Stick Baits have taken the fishing world by storm over the last few years. MegaStrike™ Fishing is now offering a perfectly balanced 5” Stick Bait to anglers from beginners to seasoned professionals. Designed perfectly to be fished wacky or Texas rigged, this bait will definitely help you catch more fish. The 5“ MegaStick can be fished numerous ways. It can be fished over weeds, skipped under docks, around heavy wood cover or over open water applications. One thing for sure is you better hold on because the New MegaStick is going to get bit. The New MegaSticks are available in numerous proven fish catching colors. Unlike other stick baits, the New MegaStick is the only stick bait in the world infused with MegaStrike™ Fish Attractant. When they inhale the bait-THEY WILL NOT LET IT GO. Resulting in less missed strikes and more caught fish.

Mega Stick - Green Pumpkin Purple Copper Flake

  • Size: 5 Inches
    Count: 10 per pack
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