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When predator fish are keying in on baitfish as their main source of forage ,the 5 inch and 3 inch Mega Grub is hard to beat. They flat out produce strikes when other baits wont. The Mega Grubs mimic baitfish movement by both body profile and swimming motion. The larger body displaces a lot of water detected by the lateral lines of fish. The large swimming tail thrashes back and forth for the most tantalizing and irresistible triggering quality of any other grub on the market. Infused with Megastrike Fish Attractant these baits will surely put more fish in the boat. Available in 3 and 5 inch sizes and come in these proven fish catching colors.

Mega Grub - Motor Oil

  • Size: 3 Inch
    Count: 15 Per Bag

    Size: 5 Inch
    Count: 10 Per Bag
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