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The 9 Inch Mega Shad Lure – Mother Nature in all of her wisdom created the food chain. One of the rules of that nature is written in stone. It states “BIG FISH EAT LITTLE FISH”. That is the reason we created the 9 inch MegaShad Lure. It is one of the most universal and versatile baits ever created for catching all species of fish. It has a lifelike profile that fish are conditioned to attack as well as a swim tail that sets off vibration like real baitfish. The MegaShad Lure is loaded with salt and infused with our MegaStrike™ Fish Attractant. The fish just can’t resist them. Remember, we didn’t write that rule-Mother Nature did.

9 Inch Shad - White

  • Size: 9 Inch
    Count: 3 Pack
    *Comes with a 8/0 Mustad EWG Hook.
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