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Now for one of the most Innovative creations from MegaStrike Fishing. The 41/2 inch “MEGABUG”. Unlike most of the other “beaver style” baits on the market, the MegaBug is spewing with action. The claws are flapping the two sets of legs are swimming; it looks like this little bug is scurrying for its life. The body is ribbed and the legs and claws displace plenty of water. The MegaBug is not only a great visual bait but the vibrations are easily detected by the fish’s lateral lines. It is a great bait for flipping heavy mats of grass, fishing rocks or heavy cover. This is a big fish bait that just screams “EAT ME”

4.5" MegaBug Crawdad

  • Size: 4.5 Inches
    Count: 8 Per Bag
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