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The bait fish is the number one forage food of larger predatory fish. It’s just Mother Nature’s way of providing nourishment to the food chain. Larger fish eat smaller fish plain and simple. No lure replicates a bait fish better than swim bait. Their profile size and swimming action triggers evolutionary feeding responses. Think about it. Looks like a bait fish, swims like a bait fish, tastes like a bait fish it must be a bait fish! The best all around size for swim bait is 4 inches long. The New Fat Shad by MegaStrike is 4 inches long but has a larger fatter profile to displace more water and cause more vibration to be detected by the predatory fish’s lateral line. In short it makes it easier for the predatory fish to find. The new Mega Shad is designed to be fished with a belly weighted hook or is even more perfectly suited to be fished with the new Pro Model Shak-E2 Head. It can be hopped along the bottom or slowly retrieved at any depth. Fat Shads come in 10 great fish catching colors. Fish with them and you will be glad you did.

3" Fat Shad - Watermelon Black & Red Flake

  • Size: 3 Inches
    Count: 10 Per Pack
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