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Congratulations you found Floatin' Frank!

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Send Us Your Info For a Chance to Win!

Winners will be chosen at random once every week. The amount of winners and prizes will be depend on how many find Floatin' Frank, the more people that find him, the more and better the prizes, so tell your friends! (see below). If you win you will be contacted by the info you provide below so make sure it's correct! Keep up with Floatin' Frank and the winners on all of our social media platforms and be sure to check back weekly to find Floatin' Frank for another chance to win every Wednesday!

One entry per person per week.

Prize will be randomly chosen but will consist of MegaStrike Product(s)

Good luck! We'll announce a winner every Wednesday! Don't forget to tell your friends! The more people that find Floatin' Frank the better the prizes!


100 times found - 1 winner + Tier 1 prize


250 times found - 2 winners + Tier 1 prize


500 times found - 3 winners + Tier 2 prize


1000 times found - 4 winners + Tier 2 prize


5000+ times found - 5 winners + Tier 3 prize



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